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The brief story of Realms of Darkness:

      In this universe , there is only one planet the planet called Helios. On this planet the people use a power called sage magic, a energy that comes from the planet itself that when used gives off the smell of sage in the every day lives. For an unknown reason the magic has started to turn dark and infect those who come in contact with it’s like a disease that eats at its host from the inside out. During this time the people split. Some went in search of a kingdom called Nullsage for safety, some became obsessed with dark sage and sought out its powers and some trained to strengthen their influence on a light sage magic as a way of fighting the darkness.

Realms of Darkness:

The game is in Early-Access. As we develop the game we are seeking funding to help progress this game along. We could definitely use funds to pay for a decent soundtrack, better characters,  multiplayer and more.


Realms of Darkness is a game that is played in two parts. The first part you can play a character avatar in search of 'Sage Dungeons' to retrieve 'Crystals of Immense Power' to fight back the Dark Sage that is infecting the land.  In this mode you must avoid traps placed by a SageMaster, Which leaves us to the second way you can play Realms of Darkness.  

Sage Masters are omnipotent beings that reside in their own dungeon. Most dungeons are empty areas that can be used to 'build up' into a Sage Lair. Adventurers will invade your dungeon and it is your job to keep them out, Kill them or capture them for their essence, weapons, armors and more. You can use this to strengthen your horde of monsters.

Sage Masters can place :

  • Capture Traps
  • Offensive Traps
  • Defensive Traps
  • Monster Spawn
  • Puzzle Marks

An example would be placing a 'Hand-Stone block' that acts as a trigger to a gas trap. When the player (PC's) activates the trap it triggers a acid trap which eats away metallic armors and items.  You then could activate your monster spawn traps

The first phase of this game is Multiplayer.  After multiplayer is fleshed out we will crowdfund for a singleplayer campaign.


As of current we are hosting the server on our own private server that can be used by our backers to play online.  The end goal is to have it so that it's not centralized. but since we are in alpha it will be used for testing purposes.

In order to login to the multiplayer portion of our alpha you need to be registered on our official website (it's still being build so dont mind the dust) 


Please use friendly names as it will be YOUR account to login and such. 

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