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Title: CogWorks – Mayhem

Players: 4

Single Player : Yes

Multiplayer : Yes

Online: No

Control Type: Gamepads

Online: No

System Available For :

  • OUYA (Android)
  • PC/MAC/Linux


    CogWorks is a game where the players are put into various arenas with a lot of hazards must survive by being the last man standing. There are 4 goalie points which belong to the player. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

    The player must grab the Goal Diamond and take it back to their respective goal to increase their timer. If the player wants they could take it to an opposing goal and decrease that players time.  As the timer runs down. The belt changes color to indicate the state of charge the bomb is in.  if it reaches 0 the bomb explodes.

    The last player standing wins the match.


    In Multiplayer mode there may be some basic modifiers that could be applied to adjust the match settings. Ranging from increased speed.  Combat mode and more.

    Single Player

    Single player involves collecting diamonds on various levels. Each level is more difficult and introduces new hazards you will find in multiplayer.

    Hazards ranging from rotating the room to boiling acid. Even lava and Electric grids.

    Teleporters are even a thing. Step into a portal and come out the other side.


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